Proclaim Church Presentation Management

Let Us Take Your Visual Worship Ministry to the Next Level

Many small to mid-size congregations desire to improve their worship experience, however, they lack the trained personnel or individuals with sufficient time to produce eye-catching, inspiring, and creative visual worship aids, using the latest worship software... even though the church may be equipped with a modern video projection system. This is where Church Service Helper can be of tremendous assistance to your local church.

Our worship presentation software specialty is FaithLife Proclaim. This is a leading brand in the presentation software industry. Proclaim allows us to generate powerful worship content using your weekly worship program as an awe-inspiring aid to the visual worshiper. The great news is... we never have to leave our office, because the entire system is Cloud based! All you need is someone to scroll through the presentation during your worship service!

We also use open-source, royalty free audio-video clips to enhance the teaching of Biblical lessons.

Our presentation management contract is simple and uses plain English, with no hidden terms. Allow us to help you grow Christ's kingdom of grace through beautiful, meaningful worship.